Pull the Plug

December 01,2018

I Don’t Want to Stop Living

I don’t want to stop living – because of my diagnosis. If I’m going to stop living, I might as well “pull the plug” and be done with it now.


Granted, there are many times I do not wish to live the life I have been diagnosed. And, in my dark times, I think of dark endings. But for the most part, I do not want to stop “living.”

Nothing quite this expensive.

I wish to go on with plans to buy an RV or a nice trailer and go camping places we love and during times of the year where the RV or trailer will come in handy. Certainly much nicer than sleeping in a tent or the back of a van; at least at our age and taking into account my physical and medical difficulties.

And, something more modern than this, but you get the idea!

I want to continue planning on making improvements to our home. Changing out rooms with carpet for tile. Replacing the cheap, particle wood baseboards. Improving our backyard landscaping. Making some changes in the front yard. Taking our Golden boy to more scent and obedience classes. Seeing my fur babies grow older and being a part of their lives. And so many other “living life” things.

Don’t pull that plug!



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